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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas Traditions!

We have different Christmas traditions and we don't always have the same ones every year. Here are a few from this year!

 We decorated the tree! Not as many other decorations this year because of our crazy November. And yes, my girls are wearing t-shirts. That's what happens in December in the South!

And then a few days later it snows...sort of. Just flakes in the air and a little sleet, but it was pretty! And this is a bit early for wintry weather in our neck of the woods.

My sweet girls surprised me with a Bonfire from Solostove! We love sitting around a campfire but the smoke really irritates my allergies.  This little beauty helps keep the smoke at a minimum. It radiates a wonderful amount of heat and allows us to safely and legally enjoy a fire within the city limits! 

We visited the next town over to see a fun small-town Christmas parade! Our friends were on this float...but on the other side! It was so much fun! 

Two of my piano students were in A Charlie Brown Christmas. One was Schroeder playing the piano on the bottom right in the purple and the other is in a plaid shirt just behind Snoopy's doghouse. It was so much fun to see!

We read some Christmas stories. I have a collection of Christmas books I only get out in December. This is a new one I've never read to them! One of my favorite poems, In the Bleak Midwinter by Christina Rosetti was turned into a children's picture book called, What Can I Give Him? , which is a line from the poem. I absolutely adored the illustrations by Debi Gliori. They told a dual story of a little girl in the country with her grandfather and a shepherd boy at the manger. It was a beautifully unique way to show two different stories with each page turn. If you are looking for a new book for Christmas I highly recommend this one!

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