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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Adventures in Odyssey: 1 Month Free and a Listening Party!!!!

The wonderful people at Adventures in Odyssey have generously offered a free month of access to the Adventures in Odyssey Club to help families have some wholesome entertainment during the Covid-19 virus crisis. Look out for a list of my favorite episodes to encourage my kids when the unexpected things in life happen! 

I grew up listening to these fabulous stories and they are a part of our regular routine every day. There are many episodes my kids can quote word-for-word! 

 If you've never heard of this radio drama or it's been a while since you listened, now is a great time to tune in! You can binge this wonderful drama all day long for the next month for free. Since it's a radio drama your children's minds will be engaged without screens. My kids enjoy playing games, coloring, crafting, drawing, or puzzling while listening. We also swapped all the winter clothes for summer stuff this week and listening made that huge chore much easier! 


Tomorrow there is going to be a listening party to catch you up on the most recent Rydell Saga! My kids are super anxious to hear the 3-part episode story coming in the next album which promises to answer MANY  questions about the shady actions of Morrie Rydell. We have debated back and forth as to his motives, if he's really the antagonist, if he's the son of The Chairman from the Novacom Saga! This is all purely speculation, but he's definitely one of the most intriguing characters we've had in Odyssey. We also enjoy that he is voiced by Atticus Schaffer. 

Tune to hear the Rydell Saga tomorrow at 2! We'll be listening in too! 

Disclaimer: In exchange for promoting The Adventures in Odyssey Club I receive a membership to The Adventures in Odyssey Club. I am not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Week in Review: March 23-27

Like much of the rest of the country our spring break turned out to be in quarantine. We do not mind at all as we recognize how serious the situation already is and knowing we can do something to help. Still, it's hard. Thankfully we already had plans for a new back-yard project and my husband went out to get the supplies before the quarantine order was announced. So we took our spring break last week and my husband and the girls started building an obstacle course! 

This is just the beginning. There will be 2 more sections that crate an L shape. I have some other ideas we may add in the future, but this is a great move for us. We had a sweet little swing set that was here when we moved in 12 years ago. Unfortunately the wood was rotting and they were mostly too big for it anyway. We bought disc swings that they can use to swing on if they want. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Life in Review

Well, we are still around! Now that the world has slowed down I have time to get back to an update. As the girls are getting older we have more and more activities going on, which is a wonderful thing. We intentionally stayed away from too much busy when they were little. I'm so glad we did that. They love the activities they are involved in and passionately pursue them. 

These include: 
Science Classes
Cross Country
Clogging (Traditional Appalachian Dance)
Hand Drumming

And more! All three aren't involved in everything on that list, but they do have a nice balance of activities each. 

Basketball season ended just as Clogging was getting started, but now everything is on a break. 

As our schedule has been abruptly disrupted I decided to do some things differently. Even though we homeschool, our routine has been altered dramatically just like everyone else. So we are doing "together" learning instead of individual studies like we usually do. We aren't doing all of this every day, but we are still getting our schooling in! 

(None of these are affiliate postings! Just the resources I use!)

1. History
Using American Girl movies as a jumping off point to study ares of American history. Not using any particular curriculum, just books I already have on my shelf!

Studying individual states

3. French - TalkBox!!!!

Seriously, if you've not looked into this program, do it now! They have a free activity you can do RIGHT NOW to try out their amazing immersion system! Below is a coupon you can use for your first purchase!
We are continuing on with our regular individual math studies and also challenging our minds with lego builds! We have enjoyed watching Lego Masters and this is an awesome in-home friendly version!

5. Fitness - Family Time Fitness
We haven't used this excellent program in a really long time. We did when the girls were younger, but it's been a while for sure! I'm excited to get back to this program again.

6. Bible - Virtue Training Bible
Again, this was an excellent resource I used a lot (along with the Child Training Bible) when the girls were younger, but as they got older it wasn't as much a part of our daily routines. It's exciting to get back to this at the moment. It is good to refocus on the Lord in the midst of unrest all around us.

We are using Usborne's Complete Shakespeare book read aloud. The girls are also coloring the wonderful Shakespeare notebooking pages from Heart of Dakota!

I would love to hear what you are doing with your days at the moment! Are you keeping the routine the same? Changing things up? Comment below! 

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Adventures in Odyssey Club: The Essentials

We adore Adventures in Odyssey around here! Multiple episodes are listened to on multiple devices throughout the day. We can quote our favorite episodes and love to listen together. 

Since we've listened through the entire series more times than we can recall, I sometimes like to pick a particular character and listen through the episodes which are significantly important to who they are. 

The Adventures In Odyssey Club makes this so very easy because everything is right at your finger tips! I'll be posting the Essentials for some of our favorite characters over the next several weeks including what order to listen in! 

Click a Character to read their essentials list! 

Mr. Whitaker
Eugene MeltsnerParts 1 & 2
Connie Kendall
(Coming Soon!)
Wooton Bassett
(Coming Soon!)

Adventures in Odyssey Club: The Essential Eugene Meltsner Part 1

Eugene Meltsner: Science student and, might I add in all modesty, a recognized genius at the Campbell County Community College. At least this is how he describes himself! Below is a listing of the episodes essential to knowing Eugene in consecutive order. Part 1 will take you through Eugene and Katrina's departure from Odyssey. Part 2 will pick up when they return.

As with other characters to truly know them, listen to the entire series, but if you are just looking for the highlights, let's go! 

1. The Champ of Camp (Volume 45)
*Flashback Episode* Connie narrates the story of her last year at summer camp and how she got stuck in the midst of the annual prank war at Camp Jumonville.

2. Connie 1 & 2 (Volume 4) 
Eugene Meltsner starts working at Whit's End and promptly changes how the shop works.

3. Let This Mind be in You  (Volume 5)
Whit leaves Connie and Eugene in charge of Whit's End for the weekend with the instruction to "run the shop like I would run it."

4. A Bite of Applesauce (Volume 5)
Against Whit's express orders, Eugene and Connie tamper with a top secret computer room--and the mysterious program Applesauce is unleashed.

5. Eugene’s Dilemma (Volume 5)
Eugene starts working at the college computer department with 11-year-old Nicholas Adamsworth and gets caught up in a grade-changing scheme.

6. The Nemesis 1 & 2 (Volume 5)
The mysterious Dr. Regis Blackgaard arrives in town to open an "amusement house" for children. When it seems he won't win the city council's approval to build, he resorts to questionable methods to open his shop.

7. The Battle 1 & 2 (Volume 5)
Dr. Blackgaard's quest to steal Applesauce reaches its peak as he and crony Richard Maxwell take control of the computer at Whit's End.

8. Ice Fishing (Volume 7)
Monty feels like he's in competition with his gifted sister, Jenny, so Whit, Tom Riley, and Eugene take him on an ice fishing trip to Summit Lake.

9. Suspicious Minds (Volume 8)
Money mysteriously disappears from the cash register at Whit's End, and Connie and Eugene are determined to find the perpetrator.

10. Back to Bethlehem1-3 (Volume 10)
From chicken costumes to phone scams, we hear the stories of how Bart Rathbone, Whit, and Bernard Walton met, or proposed to, their wives.
11. Last in a Long Line (Volume 10)
Connie and Eugene discover that the first Nativity wasn't how they imagined it at all.

12. The Homecoming (Volume 10)
Odyssey is in an uproar when Richard Maxwell returns to town to apologize for everything he did while working with Dr. Regis Blackgaard.

13. A Rathbone of Contention (Volume 11)
Bart Rathbone is constructing a new electronics warehouse in Odyssey, and he takes nothing but shortcuts to finish it for the inspector.
14. Hold Up! (Volume 12)
A criminal named Hank Murray takes Connie and Eugene hostage while he tries to rob Whit's End.
15. The Cross of Cortez 1 & 2 (Volume 12)
Whit and Eugene journey to Mexico in search of a valuable and mysterious historical artifact.

16. The Star 1&2 (Volume 12)
Connie and Eugene take another Christmas trip in the Imagination Station to meet King Herod, three wise men, and the baby Jesus.

18. The Scales of Justice (Volume 13)
Isaac Morton finds a bag filled with money and wants to keep it, but it's up to Judge Eugene Meltsner to determine what will happen to the loot.
19. A Tongue of Fire (Volume 14)
Jimmy Barclay records an embarrassing secret about Eugene . . . and airs it on his Kids' Radio show.
20. A License to Drive (Volume 14)
When Eugene needs help getting his driver's license, he turns to Connie for assistance.

21. Treasure Hunt (Volume 14)
Things get out of control when Isaac and Eugene join in a charitable treasure hunt that also include some very realistic-looking water pistols.
22. Flash Flood (Volume 15)
Whit, Tom, Bernard and Eugene head for the hills to do some camping, and find themselves in the midst of a deluge.

23. A Class Act (Volume 14)
Edwin Blackgaard finds himself in dire straits financially and reluctantly agrees to teach an acting class in Odyssey - after he receives an anonymous donation.

24. The Mortal Coil 1 & 2 (Volume 16)

Whit programs the Imagination Station to show what life after death might be like. Against the advice of Tom Riley, he tries the program on himself . . . with dangerous results.
25. Best Intentions (Volume 16)
The appearance of a piece of cloth supposedly from Jesus' robe creates great hubbub in Odyssey.
26. Thy Kingdom Come (Volume 17)
Whit attempts to explain the kingdom of heaven to Eugene.
27. Thy Will Be Done (Volume 17)
Lucy Cunningham-Schultz struggles over a job offer from a liberal school newspaper, and Connie pushes Eugene to make a decision about faith.
28. Truth. Trivia, and ‘Trina (Volume 19)
Bart Rathbone's TV trivia contest pits Eugene and Connie against a college student named Katrina Shanks, who seems to have captured Eugene's heart.
30. War of the Words (Volume 20)
A carelessly uttered word from Eugene creates havoc as it becomes the fashionable insult for the kids in Odyssey.
31. It Began with A Rabbit’s Foot (Volume 20)
Whit tells Lucy Cunningham-Schultz about the creation of the Bible Room, and the discussion leads Katrina Shanks to a very important decision.
32. It Ended With a Handshake (Volume 20)
Eugene's relationship with Katrina takes an unexpected turn when his computer disk filled with unsent love letters goes missing.
33. Volume 21: Wish You Were Here Episodes 1-8 & 10
Most of this album is important to Eugene’s life!
34. Tom for Mayor 1&2 (Volume 22)
Philip Glossman returns to look for toxic chemicals on Tom Riley's farm. Meanwhile, Odyssey's mayor resigns, so Tom Riley and Bart Rathbone compete for the office.
35. Unto Us a Child is Born  (Volume 22)
On Christmas eve, Jimmy produces a live Kids' radio presentation of the birth of Jesus--which includes an unexpected real birth.
36. The Turning Point (Volume 24)
Eugene and Katrina’s relationship takes a surprising turn after Eugene meets Katrina’s father, Armitage Shanks.
37.  Volume 25: Darkness Before Dawn (Entire Album)
Dr. Regis Blackgaard is back, and this time he's after more than just revenge. There's a secret buried deep beneath Whit's End that he'll spare no expense to capture. Lucy gets kidnapped. There's a vandal on the loose. And the events of Eugene's entire existence in Odyssey come to one dramatic turning point that will change his life forever. It's an epic adventure of good vs. evil, heroes and villains and a powerful reminder that in the midst of darkness, light always prevails.
38. Love is in the Air 1 & 2 (Volume 26)
Katrina Shanks and Tasha Forbes arrive back in town, causing all sorts of romantic high jinks with Eugene, Jason, and even Connie.
39. Do For a Change (Volume 26)
Zachary Sellers and Eugene face their first difficulties as new Christians.
40. The Search for Whit 1-3  (Volume 27)
Jason and Eugene get a cryptic message from Whit in the Middle East, which leads them on a wild investigation that could change Christian history as we know it.
41. The Right Choice1 & 2  (Volume 28)
Stopping in Chicago on the way home from the Middle East, Eugene learns that Katrina Shanks may be marrying someone else!

42. Solitary Refinement (Volume 28)
Eugene considers joining a monastery to get over the pain of losing Katrina.
43. The Decision  (Volume 28)
Whit must decide whether or not to accept an offer to return to the mission field, and so Connie sets out to prove that he is needed in Odyssey.
44. For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls 1-3 (Volume 29)
Someone is getting married in Odyssey . . . but who? Is it John Whittaker and Margaret Faye, Eugene Meltsner and Katrina Shanks, or Jack Allen and Joanne Woodston?
45. Poor Looser (Volume 30)
Eugene nearly has a nervous breakdown when Bernard Walton keeps beating him in chess. Meanwhile, Heather tries to get the volleyball team to work harder.
46. Wrapped Around Your Finger (Volume 31)
Jack and Joanne Allen throw Eugene Meltsner and Katrina Shanks a Valentine's Day engagement party. Eugene wants to give Katrina a ring, but Katrina's father gives her a family heirloom ring the same day
47.  Novacom Saga*Entire Album*
Part 2: Coming Soon! 
Disclaimer: In exchange for promoting The Adventures in Odyssey Club I receive a membership to The Adventures in Odyssey Club. I am not required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.