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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Funny Pictures

I hope everyone realizes that the pictures we post are the cream. It often takes several tries, especially when you have younger children, to get that perfect picture. Sometimes the ones in between are priceless! Here are a few of funny "out-take" pictures. I like to call this series, "Sometimes almost 4-year-olds don't like to cooperate!"
My nose it itchy!

I am sooooo done with standing!

I do not like this badge on my pretty ribbon!
"What did you write on here, Mommy?"


Are you seriously still taking pictures of me?


  1. Loved the pictures. My 5 year old is hard to take pictures of. Most of the time she is sticking out her tongue in the pictures.

    1. The girls are so so so good about my photographing them all the time! even my 4-year-old usually does great, but sometimes you get these priceless moments!