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Friday, March 23, 2018

Week in review: March 19-23 (AKA Spring Break!)

Spring Break week was extremely low key around here. We enjoyed some family time together and my favorite part was around the fire pit! 

We started Monday touring a small Christian publishing company, New Growth Press. We enjoyed a family drive listening to Adventures in Odyssey and had a great time there! 

New Growth Press

The girls helped me with a little decluttering of the schoolroom, specifically the art supplies. We donated a bunch of stuff to my friend's preschool classroom that we just weren't going to use and sorted through everything else. Now it is all handy and easy to find. I am just waiting on more tape for my label maker to add the finishing touches. I should have taken a before picture. It is a dramatic overhaul! I know it doesn't look all that exciting, but it's exciting to me!

We watched a spring snowfall that didn't stick and then it warmed up a little! Then it cooled off again for the weekend. Beth had a clogging event downtown and had a great time despite the cold. 

Grace's favorite part was their PJ day. She helped me cook lunch that day in her jammies. 

 Rose and I enjoyed roasting marshmallows around the fire pit. We had giant marshmallows, toasted them, pulled off the outer toasted shell, then retoasted it. Wow! This was DELICIOUS. I can't wait to roast marshmallows again.

I did some scrapbooking as well. We will be back at school next week, but not the entire week. We will take Thursday to celebrate Passover and Friday off for Good Friday. It's going to be a good week leading into our celebration of Resurrection Sunday!

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