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Friday, February 3, 2017

Peek at Our Week: January 30-February 3

So last week I came down sick. I already had the week planned so it wasn't too big of a deal. My weekend, however, was derailed from feeling pretty bad and I didn't get our full school week planned for this week. So we did a week of "fun school" as my girls like to call it.

When we do "fun school" I try to find all the things I would love to do but don't get to fit into our days because they are so full. I'm toying with the idea of doing this every Friday. I struggle with changing anything...ever. I just need to jump in and go for it.One of the new things I did this week was have the girls study current events. We have a subscription to World Kids, World Teen and God's Big World, which are Christian news magazines. They remind me of the news magazines I used to get in school as a kid, but with a Christian worldview. They usually read these just in their spare time, but this week I gave them a current events printable I'd found on pinterest to use to report about stories from the magazine. They really enjoyed this and I plan to make this a regular part of our week.

 We also enjoyed some other fun things like Signing Time and some educational shows I've had stashed away, but haven't had a chance to show them. We also were working with some curriculum we are reviewing so you'll see more of those in the weeks to come!

So we had an off-routine week, but it was a good week. Learning occurred and Mama recuperated!

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