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Friday, September 18, 2015

Week in Review: September 14-18

Last week was a week off for us as I prepared for the start of my literature and writing class. We also spent a few days with my sister-in-law and enjoyed seeing them over the Labor Day weekend. The rest of my week was filled with faculty meetings, introductory activities, and prep for my class. It was a good and busy week, but I'm really glad we took off from school!

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This week was also a little different. We deviated a bit from Heart of Dakota, but still completed school this week. Monday was busy, busy busy! This year I'm teaching 10 really awesome 12-14 year-olds who are homeschooled. This is also where my girls take classes. Grace's class meets two days a week so she goes with me on Mondays. This year I'm teaching 10 really awesome 12-14 year-olds who are homeschooled.

We began our regular school year back in August, but our tradition is to have our first-day-pictures at the start of our homeschool classes. Rather than a co-op type setting, our learning center is set up more like a private school. We have an administrator and the teachers are hired, not volunteers. We really like the structure and the girls even enjoy wearing uniforms! 

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My funny girls do a great job at pictures for me and I happily acquiesce when they request a silly one!
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So in addition to beginning their science classes we also completed quite a few chapters in Life of Fred, read may chapters in a variety of books, completed a health lesson, and took a field trip! 


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