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Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Art Projects: October 26

Our art projects went really well this week. Really, really well! I guess my assessment that doing more art projects would be good for my girls even if it isn't something I'm very good at! This week they all three waited patiently while I prepared the projects, gave individual directions, and took pictures. They all three had a good time as well!

Rose's project this week is still in progress. We've been studying Benjamin Franklin and several of his experiments, including the famous kite experiment. After I made 2 inch strips on her painting paper she created a rainbow colored kite by mixing primary colors. It turned out beautifully!

Beth's collage of children cut from magazines was inspired by this week's Bible verse, Matthew 2:52 which says, "Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men." She chose pictures of children in all different stages of life. She really got into cutting these out!

Finally is Grace's art! I think she had my favorite project of the week. First I helped her tape the center portion of a piece of photo paper. Then I drew fish using sharpie markers. She asked for an octopus even though I'm not certain there are any in the Red Sea! There is also a yellow shark with teeth, but it's hard to see. Finally she used blue and purple water colors on the page for the water. We removed the tape so the Israelites could walk on dry land. After it dries I'm going to let her use some Little People to act it out!

I think one of my favorite moments of our art projects was with Rose. I explained the project and she said, "How does this go with what we learned this week?" One of the great things about Heart of Dakota is that all science, art, history, story times, and Bible are tied in so they correlate together. Even at her young age of 7 she is recognizing the connections!

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  1. There are definitely octopuses (...octopi?...whatever...) in the Red Sea! We went snorkeling in the Red Sea once and it was AMAZING! Anyway...

    I love reading your blog even though I'm not "homeschooling" because I'm always looking for fun ideas to do with my girls (and boy in the future).