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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Just for fun...

I'm not one known for doing a lot of "kids" crafts. I'm good with grown up crafts but the whole mess factor really gets to me when it come to the kids. I'm really trying to work on this though! I know the girls need a creative outlet and now that we are homeschooling it's my job to make it happen!

Do-a-Dot markers are really neat marker stamps. I use them with Grace to practice outlined letters since she is too little to write. Rose and Beth have been begging to have a chance at using them, but I wanted to give them something a little more fun than just tracing or filing in a picture. So we made tye-dyed circles. This is a fun little idea I picked up online somewhere. I have no idea where, but it's been in the back of my mind for a couple of months.

Do-a-Dot Markers
Coffee Filters
Something to cover the table (If you're not into messes like me...these are washable though!)

1. Fold a filter in half to make a half circle
2. Fold in half again to make a triangle
3. Fold in half one more time (it should still be a triangle)
4. Start dotting!

I showed Beth and Rose how to start in the middle and they started with this, but then the ink didn't go all the way through quite like I expected, so they finished by opening it up. Grace just did her own thing!
Overall this was a HUGE hit! Do take note of the mats underneath the girls' projects. I told you I don't like messes! On the mess meter this probably hit about at a 3...and the markers were washable so that may even be a little bit high!

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